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Seven key techniques to reduce fruit losses and improve quality at arrival”

This report provides you with useful tools and information on how to handle differently some aspects of your operation ,that can directly result in an improved financial bottomline.

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This website is dedicated to the fresh produce professionals.
Fruit Profits provides you with updated information on fresh produce innovation, technology and marketing for your business. Learn here new techniques to deliver better quality produce, with better taste & appearance, improve your cold chain and reduce your costs and fruit losses. Applying them will increase your sales and profits
Welcome to Fruit Profits!
Hello, my name is Manuel Madrid. Based on 25 years´ experience in technology for the fresh produce industry, I have often noticed that many excellent fresh produce companies have a huge sales growth potential, but that potential is not always fully realized.

Why? Because they are not always aware of the latest techniques on fruit supply chain: harvest, packaging, cold chain and ripening
Being on top of a dynamic fresh produce operation requires all your attention daily. So Fruit Profits searches and brings you specific fresh produce know-how to achieve your company´s full sales potential

That is what we aim at Fruit Profits :
We bring you regularly the latest technologies and discoveries in fresh produce technology and innovation, proven processes by the industry innovators, that you can use right away to improve your business And we help you implement these innovations in your business in the most efficient way.

Some of the topics we specialize include:

- reducing losses in transport and storage
- cost analysis and improvement of the fresh produce value chain
- controlled and modified atmosphere storage
- introduction of innovative fresh products to the market
- ripening technology for ready-to-eat fruit
- marketing techniques to increase fruit sales at retail point-of-sale
- improving fruit quality through changes in harvest and ripening processes
- optimizing packaging design
- new variety search and evaluation
- evaluation and development of new production areas worldwide
- due diligence and investment valuation for agribusiness investment funds
- fresh produce branding and marketing

One example of this business potential to be tapped is in fruit and vegetable spoilage in the harvest and transportation chain. These losses have been estimated in up to 15% in developed countries, depending on the commodity. In developing countries they can reach up to 40%. Downgraded fruit from Class I to Class II is often not accounted separately and could add up to an additional 10%. These losses can be reduced up to 90% by improving the cold chain and handling processes, bringing this profit directly to your bottom line

Another business opportunity lies in fruit quality and ready-to-eat whole fruit. Fruit at the right ripening stage sells 25-33% more than green, hard fruit. By improving your ripening techniques in banana, mango, avocado, pear and other fruits, you can increase your sales and profits.

Fruit Profits provides you with an independent assessment of the latest technologies that can benefit your operation. This is unbiased information, since we are not sponsored by suppliers or equipment manufacturers.

Here you will find periodically some of the most successful production and transport experiences and methods from operations all over the world, from Central and South America, USA and Mexico, Europe and North Africa based on my experience working with clients in those countries.

We have worked with the most diverse crops: tropical and subtropical products, berries, vegetable crops, melons, stone fruits, pome fruits...

As an example, you can download the free report “Seven key techniques to reduce fruit losses and improve quality at arrival”. This report provides you with useful tools and information on how to handle differently some aspects of your operation, that can directly result in an improved financial bottomline.

With my best wishes to higher fruit profits,
Dr. Manuel Madrid
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Fruitprofits is also part of the Global Fresh Technology Group, a network of international fruit experts that can assist you with your global fresh produce needs.
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P.S. If your fresh produce business is looking for new ways to grow sales and increase profits or is facing technical or marketing challenges, we can assist you. Write to manuel.madrid@fruitprofits.com

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