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The technology of storage of fruit and vegetables

The technology of storage of fruit and vegetables

Fruit storage: our specialty

Fruit Profits: specialists in storing fruits and vegetables

Our specialty: storage of fruits and vegetables
Russia is one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables all over the world.
In 2016, I produced
3.150.000 tons of potatoes
1.666.000 tons of carrots
2.000.000 tons of onions
3,500,000 tons of cabbage
1.820.000 tons of cucumbers
2.820.000 tons of tomatoes
1.600.000 tons of apples

Unfortunately between 30% -40% of this production is damaged before reaching consumers. Bad harvest practices, poor cooling and storage, leads to the fact that a large volume of production is spoiled and discarded as waste.

Also, among imported products (bananas, citrus fruits, pineapples), 15% -20% is lost as a result of poor storage and transportation conditions.
There are technologies for improving the storage of fruits and vegetables, while losses can be reduced by less than 2%
The newest warehouses for storing fruits and vegetables can be designed by our specialists.
There are new packaging to preserve the quality of products and to extend the shelf life.

FRUIT PROFITS, Our company specializing in the storage of fruits and vegetables. Under the leadership of Dr. Manuel Madrid, who has more than twenty years of experience in this field.
Our experts can advise you on the construction of refrigerators for storing apples.

We have extensive experience in building the most modern warehouses in Russia, namely in the Krasnodar Territory.
Such consultations as:
- a refrigerator for storing apples in low oxygen. (ULO-DCA)
- design and construction of new refrigerators for storage of potatoes, carrots, white cabbage and onions.
- the design of packaging, which allows you to reduce losses during storage, as well as extend the shelf life of the product.

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Contact: Manuel Madrid

Manuel Madrid has more than twenty years of experience in the field of transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables.
 He graduated from the Polytechnic University in Valencia (Spain), specializing in agronomist engineering, and the University of California (Davis), specializing in gardening.
Received a doctorate at the University of Bradford (England).
Manuel Madrid has worked on projects for storing and transporting fruits and vegetables in more than fifty countries: in the Americas, in the Northern and Southern Europe, Africa, Asia, North Africa, Austria and Russia.
He worked with such crops as tropical fruits (bananas, pineapple, mangoes), citrus fruits, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, apples, melon, watermelon, pomegranate, avocado, cherry, kiwi and so on.
With all kinds of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, white cabbage and cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, potatoes, peppers and so on.
Since 2015, Manuel Madrid has worked in various projects for the storage and maturation of fruits and vegetables in Russia. Participates in the project for the production and distribution of berries in Russia.
In 2004, he received the Innovation Award in the Congress "FRUIT LOGÍSTICA" Berlin (Germany)
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