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Banana quality and postharvest technology

Banana quality and postharvest technology

Fruit profits: the banana quality and postharvest specialist 

Commercial banana trade is the largest fruit trade in the world

In 2016 almost 1 billion boxes ( 18 kg / box ) were traded worldwide. 

This huge banana trade involves many steps in the value chain. Problems often arise related to harvest, fruit quality, packaging, ripening, fungi, shelf life...

Fruit Profits has more than 20 years' experience in the banana production and logistics  busines . We have worked extensively in projects related to : 

Fruit quality and field conditions 



Packingstation design 

Container shipping 

Palletized shipping 

Cooling and cold chain 

Green life 


Controlled atmosphere 

Modified atmosphere (Banavac) 



Shelf life ( Yellow Life) 


Dr. Manuel Madrid has been actively involved in projects in all major banana producing countries : Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, The Philippines 

We can provide you with specialized knowhow that will reduce fruit losses, quality complaints and will increase your profitability 

Contact us at : manuel.madrid@fruitprofits.com

Mobile + 34 610818183

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