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DATE: 17/10/2012
Refrigerated Container Logistics for North and Latin American Perishable Shippers to be Explored at TOC Americas 2012, Panama City, Dec 4-6

Held over one-and-a-half days, TOC Cold Chain will explore the state of refrigerated logistics, shipping and cold chain infrastructure to support the growing movement of chilled and frozen goods to, from and within the Americas. Key speakers from the fresh produce sector include post-harvest physiology expert Dr. Eduardo Kerbel, Director of Packaging & Technical Services at Dole Fresh Fruit International, and Manuel Madrid, Managing Director of fresh produce consultancy Fruit Profits.

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Subject:postharvest -  General postharvest
DATE: 10/10/2012
Almost 50% of Fruits and Vegetables in the EU Is Not Consumed

ScienceDaily (Oct. 3, 2012) — Almost 50% of fruits and vegetables in the EU is not consumed. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the main losses are connected to the production of fresh produce. 20% of the fresh produce is lost due to among others: accidental damage during threshing or fruit picking, damage by insects, mechanical damage and/or spillage during harvest operation and crops sorted out post-harvest following quality requirements by supermarkets and other companies. The lack of tuning between supply and demand is another reason for losses

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DATE: 26/06/2012
ANNOUNCEMENT: Fruit Profits joins the Global Fresh Technology Group, a global network of fresh produce experts based in the USA

Fruit Profits has joined the JSB Group and Holcroft Postharvest Consulting in the USA to form the Global Fresh Technology Group, an international network of fresh produce technology experts, Together they provide global technical and educational services to the fresh produce and food industries

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Subject:Agricultural investments
DATE: 07/01/2012
Water will be the critical limiting factor of 21st century production according to Morgan Stanley´s report

Peak water: Morgan Stanley publishes report on water as limiting factor for production and the business opportunities associated to scarce water availability.

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Subject:Our services
DATE: 02/01/2012
Our services: improving fresh produce chain efficiency, developing new products, evaluating agricultural investments

Fruitprofits advises clients worldwide to improve their fresh produce chain efficiency, reduce costs and spoilage and develop innovative fresh products

We also conduct due diligence and valuation studies for asset or technology acquisitions

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DATE: 29/11/2011
Philippines: 1,000 ha of Mindanao banana farms ruined by Panama disease

Panama disease or Fusarium wilt , has not been seen for 50 years in the Philippines. It can wipe out whole banana plantations. Chemical treatments are not useful against it.

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Subject:Agricultural investments
DATE: 17/11/2011
Agriculture needs massive investment to avoid hunger, UK scientists warn

Group of leading scientists urge investment in sustainable agriculture to solve hunger crisis and reduce global warming

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Subject:Agricultural investments
DATE: 14/06/2011
Great fortunes will be made in agriculture in the coming years, millionaire investor Jim Rogers told CNBC

Legendary global investor and chairman of Singapore-based Rogers Holdings, Jim Rogers said to CNBC today that agriculture is one of the best investments for the next twenty years

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Subject:postharvest -  General postharvest
DATE: 11/03/2010
Panamanian Cold Chain Plan proposed by the government to start 2010

Goal is to develop a cold chain network and infrastructure to reduce current postharvest losses in Panama , estimated around 30% for fresh produce. Source: Prensa.com Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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