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These two crops ( guava and red banana) are not very popular in Spain, almost unknown, unfortunately.

Papaya and mango are two crops growing rapidly, with good market potential if appearance, taste and shelf life are good.

Regarding 1MCP costs/acre, I do not have that information, you will have to refer directly to Agrofresh.

Regarding preharvest applications of 1-MCP, to my knowledge, these are not available commercially yet for tree crops in Europe, only field crops.
Please let me know if this is different in your location.

Being new in this venture, i am gathering technologies and practices on how to maximize income earning on my bananas for local and national market. Just started harvesting the bunches of the first batch of my banana plants this month, but many banana hands ended in trash because of my still limited knowledge in maximizing the value of these bananas. I hope you can help me on this.

Fruits should be frozen as quickly as possible to avoid loss of nutrients; precooling is not needsd, you can go directly to freezing

Grapes need to be rinsed in water
all impurities , leaf rests, decayed fruit...removed.
fruit is more valuable in the market if frozen separately (IQF = Individual Quick Frozen)
This is achieved in freezing tunnels that pump air continuously to avoid fruit from sticking to each other.

Standard transport conditions from Spain to the UK are:

- Temperature: 3C and 90%RH

- Most common packages are 1 or 2 kg nets for oranges and clementines and 2.5 kg boxes for clementines.

Most clementines and oranges are waxed before shipping and a postharvest fungicide is applied

5-13°C for mature-green avocados, depending on cultivar and duration.
2-4°C for ripe avocados.


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