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DATE: 4/22/2015    Comments: 0

Urgent research needs to support increasing fresh produce demand

Urgent research needs to support increasing fresh produce demand
Dr. Manuel Madrid
CEO, Fruit Profits
Copyright - Manuel Madrid - 2015
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DATE: 1/8/2012    Comments: 609

How India can benefit from exports to Europe – Europe's expectation on quality in fresh fruits and vegetables. - Article published in Agrochain India trade show Feb 2012

Copyright 2012 Dr. Manuel Madrid – Director, Fruit Profits

The European Union (EU) is a significant importer of fruits and vegetables, with a ...
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DATE: 1/7/2012    Comments: 4

Investing in agriculture: some practical guidelines for non-ag investors

Copyright 2012 - Dr. Manuel Madrid

Investing in agriculture is becoming increasingly interesting for investment funds, considering the uncertai ...
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DATE: 12/18/2011    Comments: 0

Adoption of innovation in the fresh produce business: how can we speed up the process?

“Why do we continue to find some varieties in the market with low taste when tastier ones are available?” “Why is packaging in the market still availa ...
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DATE: 11/30/2011    Comments: 1

“Marketing is key to building sustainable profits in the fresh produce business” Interview with Dr. Manuel Madrid published by Syngenta Seeds - Tomatoes Today – December 2011

Interview with Dr. Manuel Madrid, Founder and Director of Fruitprofits

Fruitprofits is ...
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DATE: 11/14/2011    Comments: 3

Producing more with less: six fruit and vegetable technologies with high growth potential

It is a fact that in the near future we will have to produce more fruits and vegetables with with less resources. The horticulture of the future will ...
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DATE: 10/24/2011    Comments: 2

Improved banana ripening results in 25-33% more sales at retail: find out how

The current banana ripening process in North America and Europe implies the use of ripening rooms. Bananas are harvested and transported green.
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DATE: 9/1/2011    Comments: 12

Use of 1-mcp to improve shelf life and fruit quality: opportunities and challenges


1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropane) is a cyclical propane with the molecular formula C4H6. It is a volatile gas at standard temperat ...
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DATE: 6/28/2011    Comments: 3

Seven effective marketing tools to improve fresh fruit and vegetable sales

Fresh fruit and vegetable growers are confronted currently with a situation of low prices and increasing costs. Margins become smaller, to the point t ...
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DATE: 6/27/2011    Comments: 11

Quality preservation of fresh berries after harvest: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries - the challenge and the opportunities

Berries ( strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) are one of the few product categories growing in retail sales every year in Europe. Improvements in ...
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DATE: 6/11/2011    Comments: 67

Reducing postharvest losses and improving fruit quality worldwide: the one-billion-dollar untapped business opportunity

A large portion of all fresh produce is lost worldwide after harvest. The main causes are physiological (wilting, shriveling, chilling injury, etc), ...
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DATE: 1/1/2011    Comments: 0

How fruit innovation and technology can help fresh fruit leaders grow their business ahead of the competition INTERVIEW - EUROFRUIT JANUARY 2010

1. What services does Fruitprofits offer to your clients in the fresh produce sector (particularly in Spain)?
Fruitprofits provides technical advic ...
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DATE: 2/13/2010    Comments: 1

Transport and storage technologies allow the opening of new import and export markets for Spain

Spain is net exporter of fresh fruits with a volume of 5.1 million tons of fruit exported in 2008 and a value of 4.3 billion EUR in 2008 according to ...
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