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Fruitprofits: the fresh produce technology and marketing specialists

Dr. Manuel Madrid

Fresh produce expert


Fruit Profits is a consultancy based in Valencia, Spain that specializes in innovation,  technology and process improvement for the fresh produce sector. Our specialty is: 

•Development of technology for fruit quality and postharvest improvement: harvest, packaging, cold storage, controlled atmosphere and ripening
• New product development of fruits and vegetables
• New variety agronomic and postharvest evaluation
• Evaluation and improvement of the fresh produce value chain
• Cold chain analysis and improvements
• Controlled atmosphere and modified atmosphere facility design and improvement
• Modified atmosphere packaging design
Due diligence of fresh produce agribusiness companies 

 Qualifications and experience
Dr. Manuel Madrid, managing director of Fruit Profits, has extensive experience in tropical crops (banana, pineapple, mango, and papaya), vegetable crops (tomato, melon, watermelon, pepper, salads) and berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries). He has conducted development projects in North and South Europe, North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt), South America (Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru), Central America ( Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama) USA, México, Russia, Turkey... 

Dr. Madrid has 25 years´ experience in:

• New product development and market introduction of fruits and vegetables,
• Evaluation and improvement of the fresh produce value chain in more than 50 countries
• Developing technology for fruit quality improvement: harvest, packaging, cold storage, ripening

Dr. Madrid has a MSc in Horticulture from University of California, Davis, USA and MSc Agricultural Engineering, Polytechnic University, Valencia, Spain, a doctorate in Business Administration from Bradford University, UK, an MBA from IMD (Institute for Management Development), Lausanne, Switzerland
Prior to forming his own company Manuel was Managing Director at Driscolls European Genetics; Research Director, SanLucar Group; Director, Business Development, Syngenta Seeds Vegetables Europe; Director of Research, Chiquita Brands Latin America, in Costa Rica.

Dr. Madrid speaks fluent Spanish, English, German, Russian and Dutch and has working knowledge of French. 

Fruit Profits is also part of an international network of fresh produce technology experts, which includes the JSB Group and Holcroft Postharvest Consulting in the USA. They have joined forces to provide technical and educational services to the fresh produce and food industries.

Regions where FruitProfits has experience:
• USA, Canada, Mexico
• South America e.g. Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador,
• Central America e.g. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama
• North and South Europe. Russia
• North Africa e.g. Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt
• Australia and New Zealand
• Asia: Philippines, Turkey

Our client list includes AgroFresh, American Packaging Corporation, Bakkavör, Biopolis, Bunzl, Canary Islands Banana Coop, Dole Fresh Vegetables, Dow, ExxonMobil, FFP Packaging, The Florette Group, Freshway Foods, Fruit Dynamics, Green Giant Fresh, Hunt Wesson, Kimberly Clark, Kraft,, Nourse Farms, Nova Agri, NOVA, PerfOTec, Potandon, Purecircle, Ready Pac Foods, Salad Fresh, Sunkist, Syngenta, T.J. Lipton,, Univeg and Wild Rocket Foods.

Specific services offered by this partnership:

Postharvest Technology
• Harvest and handling of commodities
• Sorting equipment
• Storage recommendations
• Cooling and cold chain management
• Cold room design
• Physiological disorders
• Ethylene measurement and control
• Ripening and ripening rooms
• Container CA / room CA
• Storage and transportation monitoring and modelling

Postharvest Pathology
• Postharvest disease control
• Postharvest chemical application, application equipment, nozzles, 
• Postharvest fungicide safety,
• MRLs 

Packaging and Protective Atmospheres
• Respiration measurement and interpretation
• Modified atmosphere package design
• Modified atmosphere determination
• Multicomponent food group blends and combinations
• Microwaveable performance and regulatory compliance
• Packaging equipment resource
• Packaging and packaging materials
• Flexible lidding film rigid tray incorporation
• Peelable lidding film design
• Sustainable packaging resource

Marketing of Fresh Produce
• Marketing and introduction of innovative fresh products to the market
• Marketing techniques to increase fruit sales at retail point-of-sale
• Consumer preferences, taste tests, principal component analysis

Technical due diligence of fresh produce companies and agricultural technology companies 

If your company needs advice with projects related to development and improvement of fresh produce value chain -transport, storage, ripening and marketing of fruits and vegetables- write to us at: manuel.madrid@fruitprofits.com


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