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Horticulture in Russia - fast growing market and multi-billion dollar sales and investment opportunity

Horticulture in Russia - fast growing market and multi-billion dollar opportunity
Current development of Russian fresh fruits and vegetable business offers huge rewards for smart investors and companies

Over the last five years, Russian horticulture has been developing at a fast pace. At the mandate of the Russian central government and supported by subsidies, the horticulture business in Russia is currently booming. A governmental strategic plan was approved 5 years ago to make Russia self sufficient of most fruits and vegetables by 2025. 

The high exchange rate of the ruble to the dollar and euro has also caused that imports of fruits and vegetables become very expensive for the average Russian consumer. Therefore the demand  for local production is high. 

Here I would list some of the most interesting opportunities that I have observed in the Russian market 

  • Design and construction of modern facilities for apple storage under controlled atmosphere
  • Design and storage of storage facilities for field crop vegetables, like potato, carrot, cabbage, beetroot, onion
  • Nursery development for tree fruit crops ( apple, pear, cherry) and grapevine
  • Production and distribution  of berries. There is a very high demand for berries, that command a very good price in the market. 
  • Glasshouse construction for vegetable production in northern Russian climates
  • Plastic house construction for vegetable and fruit production in southern Russian climates, in the Caucasus region 
  • Banana ripening facilities
  • Orchard machinery
  • Packaging machinery and films 
  • Fresh cut bagged salad facilities
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables companies wanting to invest in Russia

Of course the Russian market is different from Western European market. The language barrier is significant . Regulations are many. One has to go by the hand of a local partner. But the benefits can be significant in an booming economy compared to the current stagnant European economical development. 

Our company Fruit Profits (www.fruitprofits.com) has been active in the Russian horticulture sector since 2015. We are advising local producers to develop better infrastructure in storage of fruits and vegetables, in particular apple, grape, berries, tomatoes..  We speak Russian and our company provides this expertise and experience to operate in this market. 

We provide advice to a Russian technologies investing in horticulture and also connect international horticulture technology suppliers with Russian clients. 

We also advise foreign investment funds on  how to invest in agriculture in , we have an extensive network of investment partners that can co-invest with foreign investors. 

Dr. Manuel Madrid - Managing director of Fruit Profits 




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